Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stories of a Pound Puppy

Remember those toys? Maybe I'm dating myself, really young to some, and (gasp!) old to others. Moving on now as those toys have absolutely nothing to do with this post!

Puppy is getting so very big, and with his " big" some exciting things are starting to happen. A first haircut was had. (He beat his sister to the punch!) He looks like such a little man with his short hair and tan skin(courtesy of a few gloriously sunny days!).

But most exciting is what he is doing in the cute shot, while showing off his manly good looks. Sitting up, all by himself! I cannot explain the joy and relief each milestone hit brings to the zoo keeper and I. Yes, we celebrated Fish sitting up when she first did, but, we knew she would sit up. Pup, well there was no guarantee he EVER would sit up. And he IS! At 5 1/2 months!

So if this post seems like it's only purpose is to boast about the boy, it is! We are so proud of how far our little man has come!


  1. YAY! Way to go Puppy! That is awesome. :)

  2. So exciting!! :) Way to go Puppy!! Awww, that makes me happy! His hair looks so cute-and the pics came out great!