Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Busy like a bee!

As some of you who know me "IRL" know we are about to have the hammer come down on our ability to leave the house. Basically we aren't. Ever. (Okay a slight exaggeration, certain outside only activities will still continue to be "okay"). Pup is having some immunity issues, and that combined with his brain injury leaves us with a laundry list of "not pretty" . As in, if he catches one "it won't be pretty". Anyways, lots is changing in our house gearing up for our winter of lock down. We are redoing our upstairs. I have been scraping paint (worst job EVER!) in hopes of revamping all of our furniture. Fish just got a "big girl bed" in hopes of finally giving pup the crib, and a "gym" will soon be installed in their room. (swings, ropes, trampoline... you get the idea :))

But I may just be most excited about the young college lady I am meeting tomorrow. We are hiring a part-time nanny! This means I(without children, or with only one) will be able to leave the house! Wohooo!

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