Monday, September 6, 2010

New ride

Where have you been all of my life double jogging stroller. Seriously, I'm in love. Pushes and steers like a dream, and even has a built in "bubble" for Noah! (all joking aside, it does have a pretty sweet zip out rain/wind shield) We have had lots of adventures with it so far, but out first was the zoo! We headed out, just the kids and I, while daddy was working. It was, well a zoo! So busy, but being the first really nice cool weekend (not to mention a holiday weekend) what was I to expect!

The little man on the way out, so tired!

The sign of a successful trip!

I love my new stroller mom!

"Let's count them mommy- Uno, doz, twez, catcho, sinko..."
Thank you Dora, for teaching my child Spanish :)

So this just made the cut because the lighting was AMAZING on the flamingos! I realize most don't get as jazzed about lighting as I, but it looked so cool!

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  1. Awesome, I am getting a single one Thursday! I can't wait....So worth spending birthday money on! I'm still bummed you can't read my blog...did you try unfollowing me and then following me again, sometimes that helps!