Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And I'm BACK!

Where you ask have I been, blissfully living in the dark ages! After months of fighting with our Internet company, and about two weeks of paying for Internet that NEVER worked, I finally called up said company (cough cough... Time Warner), and cancelled our Internet. This is where most people would just call up and get another company out. I guess I'm not most people, because we just got it back, a month later. Oh well!

So just an update on our summer...

The kiddos are great, growing and changing. Our Fish, well she is as rotten and adorable as ever. She has some impressive "moves" that she shares with us constantly. Between that and her nonstop chatter (complete with teenage angst) I am fearful for what our teenage years will bring!

Pup is more of a miracle boy with every day that passes. He has been achieving new milestones with each passing week! He is crawling UP on all fours (as opposed to army crawl), and is pulling up on everything. He is also a pro at sitting to crawling and crawling to sitting. These things take tremendous trunk (core) strength, so HUGE deals for our little man. We (okay well his team of docs) have also started rooting out the reason why his stokes happened in the first place. He had two rare clotting antibodies, and currently still has one. The fact that he has these and survived at all is a miracle in itself! I love when we go to appointments with new doctors and they say, "He's doing really well". My usual response is , "Yeah, he's doing pretty good." They generally stop and look at me amazed, "No, he's doing REALLY well!" Anyways I feel pretty blessed to have such a precious boy, thank you all for your prayers all throughout his life!

Besides the kids I have been busy canning and freezing goodies, and raising (and killing) chickens. But not growing said goodies, I failed at home gardening. I much prefer to beg, borrow, or steal! Oh and the pool, I have a couple water babies! Look for more fun summer happenings to come soon, I promise!

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  1. So glad you are back! I have missed reading about your tots! :) YAY for the little guy and sounds like little missy is a little lady now. :) So sweet! Miss you guys!