Sunday, August 15, 2010

A little parched...

Here at the zoo we are currently in the desert. The middle of the freakin' Sahara if you will. (I really need to stop the use of freaking as an adjective, as Fish so eloquently pointed out by repeating, "are you freaking serious?"... But I digress) It is dry, it is dirty, and it is UGLY. We need rain, we need rest. I need rest.

But we have appointments. You see, Puppy had a seizure on Friday. It wasn't "long" in terms of seizures, lasting roughly a minute total, but in terms of making my heart stop it was about a minute too long. I'll spare the visual but if your really curious you tube grand mal seizure in infant, I'm sure you'll find many disturbing images. So he has started meds, and we have his emergency "stop seizure" meds (kinda like an epi pen for allergies) if one lasts too long, and my all time favorite, more appointments with specialists.

I am thankful for his specialists, for his pediatrician (who talked to me many times during our squad/ ER adventure Friday night), but I wonder when it will stop. Will we have "hiccups" every few months for his entire life? And if so, what is the next? And where is the rain in the midst?

Because life in the Sahara isn't very much fun...


  1. Thinking of you! Also thinking... didn't you guys want a taste of Africa? Pretend you are in Africa... I know that probably doesn't help. Praying for little Puppy! Let's get together soon!

  2. I'm sure it was terrifying friend. I think seeing our children hurt is an aweful ache that only a mother could possibly understand. I don't want to write this because it is so cliche but sometimes cliche is just truth. Puppy was made for you Amy. God knit him together just for your family and only you have the strength and love that he needs because only you are his momma and daddy. Praying for peace and strength through the sahara. If you need a camel to help carry the load please call. Would love to get together!