Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Have to Laugh...

Pup has mastered the art of torturing his sister. On the way home this evening Fish was very distraught. The type of distraught that is generally the result of massive amounts of gluten, and would make any passer-by assume that she was not the very typical happy-go-lucky type of girl that she is. She was mad that she threw her DVD player on the ground and could no longer watch Dora, whoops!

Anyways as she is screaming I start hearing a mimic scream coming from the opposite side of the car. Followed by laughing.

Fish Screams (so mad, angry, very serious, tears rolling down her face...).

Mimic scream. More laughing.

Every time she screamed or got mad, he copied her and then laughed. The whole way home. Then I started cracking up. You have never seen a two year old scorned as much as she was at that minute.

To bad there was no gluten today... but there was cheesecake. Happy birthday to me.

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