Thursday, January 7, 2010

Zoo Health Update

This past week has brought (among others) a double pediatrician appointment for both of the animals.

Fish is looking great health wise, and has an allergist appointment next week to make sure we are ready to start trialing gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, fish, and nuts. We also were told she needs to get feet/ankle braces to help correct over pronation. So that was on the agenda today, off to the orthotic specialist to get fit for her new "special socks". ( We should get them in a few weeks, we will be sure to let you know how it goes!

Puppy also has had his fair share of things going on this week. He of course had physical therapy(PT, as he does every week), and they are very pleased with his gross motor progress. After his PT he was evaluated for Occupational Therapy(OT), to try to put a halt to his lack of tone in his oral motor skills. He will continue to have OT every few weeks until he gets older and can participate more in exercises. Speaking of his oral skills, that is the spot that his neurological issues are showing up the most as of now. He has uneven tone in his mouth, as well as issues controlling his tongue. His doctors are hopeful that through therapies as well as osteopathic manipulation he will regain some of the control, but have warned us that this is one area that is rarely regained when lost during stroke. What does that mean for puppy?... he most likely will have a long road of speech difficulties ahead of him. We are remaining hopeful as he seems perfect to us!

And I will leave you with a quote... from Desperate Housewives of all places. Never before have I heard something as perfectly summed up what I feel as a mom, especially of a child with special needs.

She said she was afraid of my potential... afraid that she would fail to do something that would help me reach it.

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  1. Your Children are just beautiful Amy. I followed your facebook updates after "puppy" was born and we prayed for you guys through all that. Love your blog!