Saturday, March 6, 2010

Home Remedies?

Last night I had a KILLER ear ache, enough to make me want to chop off my ear and just be done with it. But Van Gogh I am not, so I went searching for a home remedy that would provide some instant relief, and would safe me from a (very costly) trip to urgent care today.

After consulting Dr. Google, I found a few which continuously came back with comments on working, and no comments on causing more harm. Many were disqualified from the running as I didn't have the required ingredients on hand. (Tea tree oil, fresh garlic, grape seep oil)

Onion juice slightly warmed.

Blow dryer giving heat (not direct!!!)

Laying in a certain position (on your side, "owie ear" down, head pushed vertical by your hand)

Your own urine, caught midstream.

One(or more) of them was success, as I have NO pain or pressure this morning. As for which one, I'm never telling. (disclaimer... even though I am crazy enough to try this kind of thing for myself, the kiddos are safe, it is ALWAYS to the doctor for them!)

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