Monday, March 29, 2010

To the powers that be...

She's not two yet. But the terrible has started. Why?

Take said not quite 2 year old swimming (who by all accounts LOVES swimming). She screams. And screams. Laughs at brother kicking around. "Pup-py swimming". Screams some more.

Wants her life jacket on, wants her life jacket off. The screaming continues.

Kanga has something that she at least thinks is hers, "NOOOOO MIIIIYYYYNNNEEEE". Kanga looks at me and shrugs. Kanga is over the two's, she's about three...

Oh, and clothing choice, ouch! She has some style, and has an off day if she doesn't get to share her style with the world. Too bad her style is best suited for 80 and sunny. Sun dresses and cold just don't go to well together.

Maybe it's time to buck up and accept that my baby is no longer a baby, and has begun "asserting her independence". I just may hate independence.

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