Friday, March 5, 2010

Secrets, secrets are no fun...

Remember that? Secrets, secrets are no fun, secrets secrets hurt someone! Oh you don't? Well then maybe I'm the only one who learned that when younger.

I have a secret, a dirty one... or I suppose a clean one in this case. We hired a housekeeper.

(pause for collective gasp)

I hate cleaning. HATE cleaning. In no way do I enjoy cleaning, and even more than that cleaning wears down at my very being. Yes, yes, I am a SAHM. And yes, yes, according to many said cleaning falls firmly within my job description. But that is a very LONG job description. Seriously, you can't afford me. But back to the wearing down.

Being a SAHM you give up a lot of yourself, you give up a lot of your dreams, and you dive in to the incredibly mondain things of life, day in and day out. Yes I realize I could now jump into an incredibly joyous description about how God takes those things and fills my life with them. That I actually am becoming a more full and whole person by changing the 15th diaper of the day... but I'm not. I'm sure that post exists somewhere in the blogesphere, complete with 700 "I am so blessed" and a sickeningly sweet attitude. If you want that, see the "next blog" button up top... go ahead and hit it. But here, those mondain things wear me down, and some more than others. Cleaning is the worst, it stresses me out, and I never seem to get on top of it. It causes fights in our house. It causes me to resent the zookeeper, because his job description is concrete, however crappy it may be. It needed to change, I needed help, MOMS NEED HELP.

A housekeeper, a few hours every 2 weeks, and all the proceeds are going to the American Cancer Society to boot. And one blissfully happy mommy, who is remarkably unstressed. Able to enjoy her kiddos, able to be with them fully. Able to simply sit and be.

We as moms, we need help. Read that again. And again. Keep reading it until you understand. I have some crazy idea that we should enjoy being home with our children, at least most of the time. But things wear us down, chip away at the core of who we are. They make us forget who we are prior to children, make us forget our passion. What chips you down? FIX IT!

For me all it took was a few hours, every couple weeks. Oh yeah, and if you connect to this, check out the movie Motherhood. It's out on DVD, so go Red Box or Netflix it. If your sitting there thinking, this woman is off her rocker and needs to just go get a job, skip it. Trust me you won't like it.


  1. Who is the housekeeper????

  2. Lauren, I found her on craigslist. She cheap too! I can send you her email if you want it, great with kids too.

  3. I hate cleaning too! Glad I am not the only one!