Monday, February 15, 2010

A House Divided

I LOVE the Olympics. I will sit and watch for hours sports that in a normal day I wouldn't waste five minutes on. Two hours this morning watching women's cross country, check. Three hours watching the luge yesterday, check. I'll even watch curling if it is a part of the Olympics.

I love the spirit behind it. The fact that people travel from all over the world just to support their country. The face paint, the ribbons in the hair, and the cowbells... a worldwide pep rally!

Most of all this year, I love its location. Vancouver, BC. The stomping grounds of much of the Zookeepers family. And quite possibly one of the most beautiful cities I have ever witnessed. I get such a thrill out of seeing the coverage from around the city and thinking "I have been there!" Yesterday a new anchor was walking along the water on Granville Island interviewing one of the USA medalists, and I about lost it! I LOVE Granville island, even more than the Olympics. It in itself is about enough to make me want to move to the lower mainland(Canadian speak for the lower part of British Columbia, the area the Vancouver is located) !

But then there is this pesky little issue that the Zookeeper is from Canada... and likes to boast about how the Canadians are going to win the medal race (cough, cough... haha!... cough, cough). So we are a house divided during these Olympic games. And Puppy is rooting for the wrong team!


  1. Where did you get "Puppy's" olympic hat? What an adorable picture!! Yaaaa, Canada!!! :)

  2. Someone sent it... although I can't remember who :) It's from The Hudson Bay Co. though!

  3. Just found out that auntie Rhonda sent that hat. Very cute!!