Thursday, February 25, 2010

To Cleveland we will go...

Tomorrow we are Cleveland bound to see Dr. Cheryl yet again. Fish has got to be slightly reacting to one of her foods as she has been sick more since she has started them than she has the rest of her life. (Currently we are dealing with the tail end of a case of Roseola!) And the pup, he is become more of an allergy mess everyday. Our little boy is slowly becoming less and less of "an easy baby" and more and more "a crank pot"!

So we are off to fix them both, not to mention get their sensitive skin treated for pool water for all of our swimming trips! My hope is to get some pictures of the process and an actual 50 words or less description that actually makes sense so you all can have a better idea of the "voodoo" we put our kiddos through!


  1. Oh, poor Fish! I didn't know she was sick. :( Good luck in Cleveland!

  2. I hope Cleveland goes well! Can't wait to see pics of everything! :D