Monday, February 8, 2010

Really Fish?

As I am sitting feeding Puppy a bottle, Fish is happily playing with my phone. It's on 2 button lock, so short of getting it to call the last person dialed (generally the Zookeeper) or getting the verizon lady saying "were sorry the number you have dialed...", she normally is not able to call anyone.

So when she was talking into the phone I just assumed that she was jabbering on to herself. But the jabbering didn't stop. And there was a faint sound of someone on the other end of the line.

Fish give Mommy the Phone.

She hands the phone off and cowards away in shame. EMERGENCY-911 is on the screen. Aw crap.

Hello? (said with a significant cringe).
911, is there an emergency?
I'm so sorry, my daughter accidentally called you. (As I say this I'm thinking I should win the most delinquent parent of the year award)
It's alright, it happens all the time!

Really child? Out of all of the people you could have called, 911? And Verizon, why is the first number on my contact list 911 in the first place? Can't we assume that anyone who can read emergency can dial 911 themselves?

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