Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No More Cheating!

I'm a cheater, I confess. I am "sensitive" to gluten and dairy, and I have been eating it... a lot... for a long time. It's just so yummy! But when you eat something that your body doesn't like you feel like crap... and gain weight like it is your job. So before I weigh as much as I did while still preggo with the puppy, I am saying uncle!

Today is day 2... and the first week is killer. I mean gluten free oats and coconut milk only go so far.

With all of this said, look for more GF/ CF (Gluten free, Casein Free) cheap and semi- easy recipes coming up. Well the cheap and easy is relative, because nothing GF/ CF is "cheap" or "easy"... but better than most!

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